A Quick Overview


The truth really is you get what you pay for!!!! (But in Utah we get a lot for paying a little!) However money is only a small part of the solution.

Success in Utah K-12 Education needs to measure all correct desired outcomes. Not using only standardized test scores! Lets limit the role of government. Keep the State Legislature out of neighborhood classrooms. Let local Elected Boards and Teachers provide direction.

Lets catch the vision of what 21st century quality K-12 education can be and discard outdated, no longer applicable 19th & 20th century norms & methods.

The Constitution

The U.S. Constitution is a divinely inspired, living document.  Its precepts are the basis of sound government.  Built in provisions have allowed the Constitution to successfully evolve and meet the challenges of different times and adapt to major social changes such as: the end of slavery; abolition of the 3/5 rule; allowing women to vote; etc. 

Economic Development

Base economic growth on Utah strengths which include: an honest, hardworking population; unique programs that partner education & business needs; a healthy environment and attractive recreational and entertainment options.

Not special business tax breaks that erode our public funding and quality of life.


The recent Tax Revision Proposal, rubber stamped by the one-party Utah State Legislature Special Session, illustrates how out of touch elected officials really are.

Everyone benefits from good, principled, government. Everyone with mental and physical health should support government which safeguards and fosters their families, their rights, their economic well-being, their health and protects their property!

In Utah, there is a safety net for the very poor. Utah citizens most harmed by a Regressive Tax System are middle class families and the working poor with 2 or 3 part time minimum wage jobs.

Why Grant would be a great Representative

Grant Protzman did it before (1987 – 96) and he will do it again.  He is a proven entity in getting big things done for Utah and his local community. 

Grant’s unique background of talents, skills and experiences enable him to both understand issues people face and then build coalitions to solve these problems.

Only with your time, effort and input can you be well represented.

Let us know your opinions and ideas